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Do you acknowledge the power of content marketing? Then it’s time to create a content strategy. Together we determine the goals and turn those goals into a strategy, with a key role for different types of relevant content. From short and powerful press releases to complete whitepapers, from infographics to videos. We make a content calendar so that your message stays consistent and convincing. We make sure that the content reaches the target group and we turn readers into new leads. We offer content marketing from strategy to conversion.

Writing is a skill. You know that as well as we do. The right style and tone of voice are key, and we know exactly which editors suit your need best. Our team of copywriters and editors tackle different editorial texts on a daily basis. Short, lengthy and for every preferred target group, from a sharp and newsworthy press release about a study on the HR sector to a comprehensive whitepaper about sustainable fuels, and from editing a blog on legal matters to running an entire content platform for mortgage brokers. We make your message attractive to any audience, in English as well as in Dutch.

You want more brand awareness and a better position as an authority in your area of expertise. You also understand that independent media play a prominent role in achieving these goals. Our PR consultants know the way in the media landscape like no other. From our journalistic background we learned what works and what doesn’t for our press contacts. With that knowledge, we shape your message in such a way that the media welcome it with open arms. That said, we remain critical at all times. Is your message too commercial or obscure? We help you find a different theme or angle. If you prefer not to be covered in the media or wish to get advice on how to cope with negative publicity, we are your go-to bureau for that too.

PR is mostly done online nowadays. It’s part of an online game we like to play and play well. Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of integrated PR strategies. We’d love to tell you how to kill two birds with one stone: more brand awareness and authority and a higher Google-raking.

At Mediatic we were raised with internet and social media. We know exactly what message is most suited for what news outlet and why. We love sharing our knowledge with you. We help you with your social media strategy. By communicating with your audience structurally or on a separate project basis, we achieve your goals in the best way possible, whether they concern editorial posts or commercial campaigns.

A marketing message will only be accepted by your customers if they can relate to it and find it valuable. We use marketing automation to give you insight into your target audience. We map the market and conduct buyer persona interviews, which is how we learn about the needs and interests of prospects. Marketing automation enables us to target groups with the right content. We use it to collect leads and help your company grow.

Interviews for radio, TV or print can be stressful but interviews are a great opportunity to tell your story to a large audience. Good preparation is essential and media training is the best way to prepare. In our media training we get your spokesperson used to the type of questions that they can expect, and we explain how to best answer them so that the right message is projected. With confidence comes success.

Video is an effective way to reach prospects, which is why it should always be part of a comprehensive content strategy. Mediatic provides all kinds of videos. From basic videos shot on location to advanced videos with establishing and spherical shots and voice-overs. From animation videos based on existing graphics to testimonials in which the customer explains why your company is the best partner. On top of that is the fact that video marketing is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

Do you have numerous ideas for communication but are you still looking for the core message you want to transmit? Do you need a story that is part of a bigger communication strategy? Together we find the true core values of your organization and the themes you can claim so that we can shape all communication efforts from that position.

You want substantive content, fine-tuned to your audience. Content that inspires, motivates and is shareable. We make sure your content is read as much and as well as possible and we strive for the best possible conversion. A good lead is important, but equally important is the way content is delivered. It needs to fit the message, the sender and the receiver. That is why we anchor design in our textual activities.

After sending out press releases you naturally want to know which media outlets used them and how many people got targeted. In order to give you insight into the results of each campaign we share periodical publicity overviews for online and offline exposure.

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by Anna Westerdaal, 01 januari 1970

De boodschap van klanten zo goed mogelijk over het voetlicht brengen. Als PR-consultant doe je waarschijnlijk niet anders. Maar wat komt er allemaal bij kijken als je klant we...

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