About us

Do you want to achieve the best results in marketing and communication, become an authority, gain more brand awareness and attract more customers? Then what you need is a message - the right message, one that sticks because your target group relates to it. Above all, your message needs to be credible, through substantive whitepapers, tantalizing blogs or smart social media posts. Or an interesting article in a newspaper, magazine, or website.

Content marketing bureau Mediatic is specialised in the creation and distribution of valuable content for a wide spectrum of target groups. Our copywriters and former journalists know exactly what kind of information your customers are looking for and can ensure your message lands in the right places. We know what we’re doing. The proof is in the pudding: just look at the awards we and our customers have won in recent years.

Our secret? Our driven team of (online) experienced experts is the key to our success: a team that is pragmatic, critical and results-oriented. But we are also quick on our feet and virtually always available. We are known for our thorough knowledge of topics that are significant to our customers, whether related to IT, finance or legal issues.

Pragmatic and results-oriented

Mediatic is strategically strong, but thumb-thick advisory reports? That’s not something we do. We determine goals and get to work. We don’t mind carrying part of your (entrepreneurial) risk. We work on a no cure no pay basis. We only charge achieved PR results and leads we generate with the help of marketing automation, a tool we use to really zoom in on the profile and needs of your target group.

Quick and available

Our customers always say they appreciate our responsiveness. We are virtually always available and make sure we switch account managers as little as possible. That’s good for you and for us. We are also flexible and quick on our feet - essential qualities in the fast-paced world of marketing and communication.

Honest advice

You can expect excellent service from us, but we are also honest and we offer counterbalance when necessary. Our people know when what kind of information works best for what groups and in what form. This means we can also tell you what doesn’t work. A press release needs to be newsworthy enough to attract and retain the attention of your customers. Relevant data are always interesting in this context. If our customers don’t possess data we usually set up scans and researches in order to “make” news.