You want more brand awareness and a better position as an authority in your area of expertise. You also understand that independent media play a prominent role in achieving these goals. Our PR consultants know the way in the media landscape like no other. From our journalistic background we learned what works and what doesn’t for our press contacts. With that knowledge, we shape your message in such a way that the media welcome it with open arms. That said, we remain critical at all times. Is your message too commercial or obscure? We help you find a different theme or angle. If you prefer not to be covered in the media or wish to get advice on how to cope with negative publicity, we are your go-to bureau for that too.

PR is mostly done online nowadays. It’s part of an online game we like to play and play well. Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of integrated PR strategies. We’d love to tell you how to kill two birds with one stone: more brand awareness and authority and a higher Google-raking.

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