MUNT Hypotheken

Case and goal

In September of 2014, MUNT Hypotheken first entered the Dutch mortgage market. Mediatic was asked to set up a PR strategy and a launch. The goal was to generate as much publicity as possible and to establish MUNT as a disruptor of the mortgage market.


- In order to attract as much media attention as possible, we took MUNT’s funding model as a starting point. The company offers mortgages for Dutch houses, based on the capital of Dutch pension funds. This model differs quite a bit from the more conventional model that mortgage lending banks use.
- We wrote two press releases; one from MUNT’s perspective and one from DMFCO, MUNT’s fund manager.
- We pitched an exclusive interview with national newspaper De Financiële Telegraaf and a selection of national and trade media (under embargo).
- On the day of the launch, we spread press releases among the remaining relevant target media.
- We set up a separate campaign for extra image building among consumers. We selected 12 complex words from the mortgage sector, with the motto ‘MUNT Hypotheken keeps it simple’. We created blogs, videos and visuals in which we explained the terms to the public.
- In collaboration with a research bureau, we studied the complexity of the mortgage market and consumers’ knowledge thereof, among more than 1000 homebuyers. We wrote three press releases, which we pitched to relevant media on several occasions.
- Every time new capital was collected from pension funds, we realized a new press release.


- Media coverage: a scoop in De Financiële Telegraaf and publicity in all major national media outlets (FD, Volkskrant, AD, Trouw, NRC,, RTL Z, Radio 1, BNR,, regional and trade media, with an advertorial value of at least € 567,020 in the first year;
- Online campaign: we realized over 56,000 video views and doubled the amount of followers on social media;
- Strong media relations for MUNT Hypotheken; journalists know how to find the firm now when they want to get information on the changing mortgage market, without the help of Mediatic.