Consultancy firm Accenture is home to a great deal of outstanding knowledge. With our services, we help boost brand awareness and the authority position of Accenture in certain (key) fields, such as outsourcing, fintech, IoT and sustainability.


- When we receive a so-called ‘copy request’, mostly from communications departments, we align goals, target groups and possible challenges. And we decide details, such as length, form, tone of voice and deadline.
- Mediatic copywriters base their texts upon various sources, such as research data or expert interviews. 
-After finish writing a text, we always do a final edit, after which we send the draft to our customer or contact person.
- We usually do one round of feedback before finalizing the text and delivering it to the customer.


Since 2010 we have conducted numerous interviews and written countless whitepapers, blogs, cases and other texts, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Anja van Beijnum (Media Relations Accenture):
“Our collaboration dates back a couple of years. The editors at Mediatic are very knowledgeable and know how to translate complex and technical themes to understandable texts. They are able to understand and work with any given topic, relevant to our company. Together, we decide the approach and the message of the article, so that we are on the same page regarding expectations and results. We are a great match!”